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2nd Free Qualifier Tournaments! + ForHonor @misters0x | Twitter: @misters0x | Twitch: mrs0x

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 by in Free Twitch Panels

Live on & YouTube!
For business inquiries contact me at [email protected]

For donations:
I would love for one day to be a full timer. Help me buy time away from real world jobs with a contribution if you are feeling generous. I really appreciate your consideration!
Your donation will appear on stream!

My goal is to eventually be a twitch partner, but until then I will be using Gamewisp. Its a great way to support me through a monthly subscription.

If you feel like you can spare it, and you wish to support me through a monthly subscription, follow this link:

Currently there is only one tier: Earl Grey, HOT! It includes the following perks:

• Twitter Follow
• Twitter Shout out!
• Name on Subscriber Panel (Twitch)
• 12,500 Latinum Bonus per Month (Twitch)
• Custom Welcome Msg (Bot triggered) (Twitch)
• Add as friend on my SnapChat

# Current Subs:
**• Undertaker1579**

Follow me on twitter for tweets on when I will go live!

Everyone has Facebook, even me!
Follow my page for updates on when I’ll go live, plus dank memes!


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