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FREE Overwatch Alerts – For Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer

Posted on Oct 9, 2017 by in Free Twitch Panels

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We’re proud to reintroduce one of our most popular items in a modern update, the animated Overwatch themed alerts!

Support for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, and Facebook live streaming.

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Hey what’s up everyone, it’s Derek with Nerd or Die, and I wanted to reintroduce you to our FREE animated Overwatch Alerts for Stream Labs. These alerts are now compatible with Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube as well! We even spent a bit of time updating the alerts core CSS as well.

We made some big changes to the product, and it’s a lot easier to set up, configure, and customize.

Let’s get right into it.

This free resource is dedicated to EvilHomer10 from Patreon, thanks for supporting the channel and making this possible.

To start, head over to the, link in description and cards, and grab this product. You can enter 0 in the name your price box to receive the item for no charge. Once you’ve downloaded and extracted the files onto your computer, open up the Read Me. Here you’ll find instructions about set up and configuration. First, log in to your Stream Labs account, then go ahead and click the import link either in the read me or from the download files. Click “Create Profile” towards the bottom, and give your profile a name and hit Create. Next, to import all the settings, hit USE on your newly created profile. For the most part, you’re done! To add this into OBS Studio and change the colors or what the text says, we need to complete a few more steps.

Navigate to your alertbox tab and grab your widget URL and then open up OBS Studio, or the streaming software of your choice, and add in a new browser source. Paste in the URL and set the width to 1920 and height to at least 600.

With it added in, go ahead and hit test for the type of alert you’d like to see. Please note that there’s about a 1 second delay before you’ll see the animation appear.

With the alert working as normal, let’s change the colors and text for our subscription alert. I’ll also show you how to change sub variations for the alert as well! You will not use the message template as you normally would with standard alerts. However, you will be able to change your sounds and volume as normal. Let’s scroll down until you see the Custom Fields tab.

The custom fields tab contains controls that you can change for each type of alert. This means you can change to fit your channels theme, or even change the colors per alert.

The top text area will represent what message is contained in the top part of the alert. Typically, I just leave {name} here. It’s important to know that both text boxes are compatible with the dynamic template tags, so if you’d like to change things up a bit, you can use template tags such as {amount}, {months}, and {count}, in curly braces, directly inside these boxes, just like you would in the message template area above.

Use the color pickers to choose colors for each section. The range slider allows you to increase or decrease the opacity of the background color, 100% represents a solid color, and 0% will be it completely transparent.

After you’ve changed any settings you like, hit Save Changes and then test to make sure everything is working correctly.

For subscriptions, we included an Alert Variation, under the appropriate tab. Click on the alert variations tab, and then click “edit” for this alert. This variation of the alert will show when the sub months count is 2 or higher. Scroll down and click the Custom Fields tab again, and change whatever you’d like. As you can see here, I use this to say the {months} in the bottom text area, rather than “new subscriber”.

Again, when you’re done, hit save changes and then test your variation.

And that’s it! I’m extremely excited to re-introduce this product to everyone for free. This is basically how I envisioned this working when I first made the product, so to see it finally work as intended is just so awesome.

Thanks again to EvilHomer10 for being a long time supporter on Patreon, and of course thanks to all of the other patrons… it truly means a lot to me. Make sure to subscribe with notifications on, because we are releasing some items in the very near future that I can’t wait to unveil. If you have any questions at all, please make sure to put them in the comments below.

Thanks for watching.


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