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Free Overwatch Twitch Panel Maker

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 by in Free Twitch Panels

Create your own custom and free Overwatch Twitch panels!

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Big Noodle Titling …..►
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Hey everyone, it’s Derek with Nerd or Die, and I’m very excited to bring you our newest free resource – an overwatch themed Twitch panel maker. In this video I’m going to show you how to create and save your own customized panels – all of which only requires a web browser.

Let’s get right into.

Before we get started, I want to say thanks to all my Patrons and members of Discord that helped us beta test this maker. We designed this with our Animated Overwatch Overlay and custom notifications in mind, so if you’re using those – it should fit in nicely with your stream design. To get started let’s head over to – the direct link is available in the description below.

If we scroll down just a bit we’ll see the panel maker. If you’ve used our previous panel maker, this should feel very similar – however it has some major improvements.

The first thing we can do is customize the icon color. Simply click inside the color selector, then you can try out some of the pallette colors on the left, or on the right you can use the color slider boxes on the right to get a more unique color. You can also use the input box below to enter in an exact color hex code if you’d like.

Next, is the text color. This works just like the icon color. I typically recommended choosing a color that has some contrast with the background, to make it easier to read.

Let’s move on to the background color. This is a simple drop down that allows you to select different background panel designs. Currently we only have a few color options, but we plan on adding more in the future. So, let us know what colors you’d like to see in the comments below.

The badge color allows you to choose a color for the area surrounding the icon. Again, there is only a few options here – so make sure to check back for any updates to this if the color you’d like to see isn’t added just yet.

The panel text input box allows you to set what the text says – when designing panels I usually recommended starting with the longest word, in order to keep text sizes uniform. That of course isn’t required – but a tip I like to recommend. So, let’s pretend we want to make a panel that links to our Twitter account. I’ll enter “Twitter” into the text box. I want to quickly note that some fonts only use capital letters, regardless of your input – but we’ll talk about customizing your fonts in just a bit.

Next, in the icon dropdown, I can simply select the Twitter, and it will swap in the Twitter icon. You’ll probably notice a list of icons – but please let me know if you think we left any out that are important to streamers. I made sure to put in a “blank” icon – for all of you that use Photoshop, Gimp, or similar, and want to take this design to the next level. We also included a Nerd or Die icon in the list – in case you’d like to credit our site or YouTube channel in anyway, we always appreciate that.

Anyways, with the Twitter icon selected it’s time to choose a font. You’ll see the font Oswald is entered here. The cool thing about this section is that you can enter in any font name you have installed on your PC, and it will use that. For example – Overwatch uses the font Big Noodle Titling – let’s say we want to use that in our design. First, we need to make sure we download and install the font on our system. T


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