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Posted on Jun 19, 2018 by in Free Twitch Panels

Are you a Twitch streamer that needs an update on your graphics but don’t have the money to pay someone? Well with the new currency system I have in place for my stream, you can pay me in SMATCH BUCKS to design your next overlay or panels! What are Smatch Bucks? It’s a currency specific to my stream where all you have to do to earn them is just hang out with me when I’m live! Over time you’ll gain SMATCH BUCKS and you can spend it on a new overlay or new panels! Alternatevely, you can spend it on making me and my girlfriend do goofy stuff on stream like do each other’s make up, wear each others clothes, eat a spoon full of mayonnaise, etc! Ultimately it’s just a way for you guys to mutually benifit from watching our stream!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, head over to our channel, SMATCH that follow button and try to catch us next time we’re live! Make sure you use the !smatch command in chat to see how many Smatch Bucks you have and start redeeming your rewards!


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