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How to Make a Twitch Offline Banner in Photoshop

Posted on Apr 7, 2018 by in Free Twitch Offline Banners

Create a video banner for Twitch or YouTube using Photoshop. Download the template and course files below to build your own Twitch offline video banner.

Download Twitch banner template and files here:

This is a detailed, hands-on tutorial that covers many topics:
– Add blur to images in Photoshop
– Add grunge effects with blending modes and brushes
– Create drop shadows using Layer Styles
– Make shape and text layers in Photoshop
– Add masks to create transparent shapes

Skip to:
– Add background images and make visual adjustments 0:35
– Design the status and header section of the Twitch banner 4:38
– Add the social contact section and border grunge: 10:04

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