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How to Make Money on Twitch (How to do it)

Posted on Feb 10, 2018 by in Free Stream Overlays

How to Make Money on Twitch

The book mentioned:

Wait, people get PAID to sit and play VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY?!?

Yep, that’s how it is on Twitch! Although, there’s a bit more to it. That’s the overall idea. You simply record yourself playing video games and you make money as a Twitch Streamer!

I know, I know. Seems too good to be true. Well, you’re partially right. It isn’t really THAT easy, although it can be fairly easy once you know what you’re doing.

The idea is that you are going to build up an audience on Twitch, and then you’ll want to ultimately own what happens AFTER they watch you on your Twitch channel. That means you’ll want to have a capture page (or landing page) that gives your audience something to do after they watch your videos.

the gift you can give these people can be anything. You could have them sign up to get a free t-shirt (and just pay shipping), or you could do an autographed picture or any number of ways.

You want to focus on getting these people to a property you own though. That way you can continue to communicate with the audience if something were to ever happen to your channel.

Right now, you want to build up as big of an audience as you can on your Twitch profile and always have something more for your fans. You can put together a simple lead capture form or do a giveaway to build up your email list.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out!

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