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How to Start and Succeed at Twitch Streaming – RTX 2015 Panel

Posted on Aug 15, 2015 by in Free Twitch Offline Banners

Cira Corellia presented this panel at RTX 2015 to help aspiring and established Twitch streamers excel at streaming. The video includes information about starting up a stream, dressing up your profile, and how to stand out from the pack. Cira also gives some of her best tips to get more followers and viewers on Twitch.

Download the Powerpoint presentation used during this panel here:

Visit Cira Corellia’s Twitch stream at

——- Streaming Software and Doo-dads ——-
Stream software:
Xsplit –
FFsplit –

A few of the most popular bots:
Moobot –
Deep Bot –
Nightbot –
Ankhbot –

——- Cira’s Favorite Resources ——-
Twitch Sub-reddit –
A great place for new and established streamers to pick up tips or learn new tricks.

/r/Twitch Wiki –
An invaluable resource for new streamers to help with everything from getting started to shaping your moderation team.

Setting up a new stream? Check out this guide by –

My recommended OBS settings for un-partnered streamers –

——- Links Mentioned in the Panel ——-

Art/Overlay Megathread –
A list of designers available to help dress up your Twitch profile, either for a fee or for free! Make your profile look its best with some new graphics.

Guide to Buying and Using a Microphone –

A General Guide to Microphones: What to buy and EQ. from Twitch

Set your offline banner here by uploading a “Video Player Banner” –

Change your avatar and profile banner with these instructions –

Better Twitch TV is awesome! Check it out –

Enabling past broadcasts –

A guide to great chat moderation –
(Removed by author. Sorry!)


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