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PyroCatFX | Free Overlay Intro | Meh, new text animation. Like it?

Posted on Jun 27, 2018 by in Free Stream Overlays

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Hey guys, I’m going paid because I need money to buy a new laptop/PC because my laptop is dying.

My Website:

Buy your very own Panzoid intro:

Buy your very own After Effect intro:

. Client: PyroCatFX
. Song: Lemaire – Rocket Girl
. Intro Type: Average
. Work Time: 2 hours
. Render time: 15 minutes

. Once you purchase an intro from me, you can’t charge back.

. Downloading or stealing my contents without credits will result in a strike or worse.

. If you wanna use my BG from my template, you must ask me first. Using my BG without credits will result in a strike.

QnA with me:
Q. Can you make me an intro?
A. Nope, you can buy one using my website.

Q. Can you make me an intro even if I don’t have money?
A. Sorry no.

Q. where is my intro?
A. Wait it for it.

Q. who’s next?
A. Quiet.Quiet.


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