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Social Media Popup for Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer

Posted on May 11, 2017 by in Free Twitch Offline Banners


Show off your social networks in style, with our Social Media Popup!

Features included:
Add social icons and names of your social networks
Add your own icons
Custom made animation
Customize your colors
Easily set different pause times between each network animation and entire loop
Choose any Google Font
Left and right aligned graphics

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Hey, what’s up everyone, it’s Derek from Nerd or Die, and I’m excited to bring you our next free resource – the Social Media Popup, version 2 – as well as announce our first ever giveaway to win a GTX1070 – more information on the giveaway in the description below, as well as at the end of this video.

Let’s get right into it.

So, we just put out an update version of our popular Social Media Popup, but this time, I wanted to include new features that were requested. You’ll be able to set this up, customize it to your liking, and put it in your stream in just a few minutes.

The first step is to head on over to the shop and go through the checkout process for this item. It’s a pay what you want item, so simply enter in 0 to get it for free.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to extract the folder from the zip file. You can use a program like 7zip or WinRar to to this. I’ll go ahead and put this on my desktop for now.

Inside of this folder you’ll find some files, let’s start with the Read Me file. Click on that to launch the first page we need to visit. This page allows us to add which social networks networks to add to our popup, as well as what text to put by those networks. You can follow the instructions here, which I’ll go through now.

To add any of the preset network icons, simply click on them. While doing this, you’ll see them added in the “Icon Sheet Preview” section, you’ll also see the names for each that you clicked under “Add Custom Icons” Section. Notice the remove button here, in case you’d like to remove any icons.

Once you’re done adding any preset icons, you can upload your own icons by click the Upload Images button, or you can drag and drop your image into this area. I recommend using PNG images here, especially if you’re going to add a solid icon color to your popup… more on that later.

Anyways, once you’ve added all the networks that you’d like, it’s now time to assign what text you want by each network. To do so, just click in the box that says “Enter Text Here” and type in what you want. So, for my Twitch icon, I’ll type in NerdOrDie, since that’s the name of my channel. I’ll fill in the information for the rest of the icons as well.

When done, I just need to hit the download button. When you hit download here, I want you to know that you’ll probably receive two messages. First, will be that you’re attempting to download multiple files. Click okay, or allow, to do so, as you need both files to make this product work properly.

The second warning you might receive is about a harmful file. This file is a simple JS file that stores the names you just entered above. Hit “Keep” or allow for this file.

Once both files are downloaded, we need to put them into the “settings-and-images” folder, found in the file we recently extracted.

With that done, we can move onto the next part of the setup. Click the “Customize Appearance and Timings” link at the top of the “add your networks” page. Here, we can follow the instructions again.


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