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Streamlabs OBS – Free Widget Themes

Posted on Apr 13, 2018 by in Free Stream Overlays

????Download Streamlabs OBS:
Ever wanted to have your entire streaming aesthetic matching? Your overlays, alerts, goals, tip jar, donation ticker, chatbox and event list all carrying the same design style and looking super consistent and totally awesome? ????????Timestamps & Links????????

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????Copyright free music:

Skip to the section you need help on!
⏩ 0. Introduction 0:00
⏩ 1. Widget themes 0:57
⏩ 2. Customising the overlay 2:10
⏩ 3. Installing a widget theme 2:51
⏩ 4. Fixing broken widgets 3:47
⏩ 5. Chat box 5:00
⏩ 6. Event list 6:00
⏩ 7. Testing widgets 6:25
⏩ 8. Free vs Premium designs 7:09
⏩ 9. Where I get my stream designs 8:17
⏩ 10. Send me your results! 10:38
⏩ 11. Outro and Thanks 11:00

Links mentioned and more details:
???? NerdorDie –

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Intro/Outro Music Used:
???? Thomas Vx – Daze:

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