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tea and toast back in 15 minutes AFK twitch screen

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 by in Free Twitch Offline Banners

This is an example of an AFK screen that you can show to people while you skip to the loo or take a 15 minute break from streaming.

It has a repeating toaster popping up toast and a coffee being poured (yes I know it’s a tea and toast message!)

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How much?

This video shows you how to work out what a new customer is worth to your local business.

85% of people say that they check out a company online before using them.

Google autosuggest on your company name will prompt you to search for reviews.

eg. go to right now and put this in

[your company] [city] reviews

(change to your details)
if google adds ‘reviews’ after you type in your company name and city then that means people are already searching for your company reviews.

if it doesn’t, that means you haven’t got any results for ‘reviews’ for your company. You need to get something to show when they do!
this video is the type of thing that you could have for your company when people search.

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