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How to stream mobile games on twitch?

Posted on Nov 11, 2018 by in Twitch Tutorials

The gaming community is already reaching new heights, gaming has proven to be a top tier community and it became a huge industry on the internet — E-sports as what they call it. There are a lot of gamers that stream their games, and show themselves to the camera for their fans. Yes, you heard it right, players around the world stream their games for their thousands of individual followers. The gaming community became very popular and millions of fans are behind their screens waiting for their favorite players to stream and show the fans how they play. It may be odd for someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about the streams and how do they do it, but for any gamer who has a fundamental knowledge about game streaming wouldn’t be surprised at all. In case you’re not familiar with twitch — This site has been the main gaming stream medium for millions of fans and gamers. This website has grown to be a very vital part in the gaming community: Twitch is so huge that even top companies like Google and Amazon were both running to garner this site.

The bid actually went in favor of Amazon, spending $970 million dollars for its service — Obviously, Amazon and Google were going for this site’s traffic. While there are still few gamers who think of streaming a game as complete nonsense when you could just play it yourself — There are a lot of good reasons to watch: A player you’re following might be too good for that game and you want to gather tips and ideas for competitive gaming, or maybe you’re looking at various gaming styles that you can use when you’re the one playing.

Back in the day, game stream could be done only if you have a computer or a console — But that’s not the case in today’s game stream world, because with the new twitch feature; you can now stream using your mobile while playing with your favorite android or iOS games. Compelling for a high-end PC is not necessary anymore, because right on your mobile or tablet, streaming your favorite mobile or android games is already possible. However, the good thing is, streaming directly from your mobile device doesn’t compel for a lot of requirements — having a decent android device with 5.0 or 5.1.1 OS present, it is already more than enough to proceed to your game stream fantasy. There are few good apps that will make your mobile streaming possible: Twitch (with an emulator), MOBCRUSH and YouTube Gaming are two of the streaming mediums for your mobile device.

One year ago, streaming, using the official twitch app doesn’t allow you to directly stream from your mobile device, unlike YouTube Gaming. However, there are ways and techniques in order to stream from your mobile back in the day, you need only to install BLUESTACKS(an android emulator from your PC). — The good news is, Twitch’s official app heard the gamers’ concern and requests, They just recently launched its new official app that offers a lot of alluring features, including the Mobile Streaming. This new app will make your game streaming fun and convenient.

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