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What Is Twitch Overlay And How Do You Use It?

Posted on Nov 13, 2018 by in Twitch Tutorials

Twitch overlay is considerably one of the longest running sources for streaming overlays and graphics. It has been active since 2014 and with the dedication to professional designs and quality service to customers. An overlay can be described as a border around the webcam or the full 1080p in the frame. It is a graphic mostly transparent PNG file that sits above the window capturing the game and webcam. It is like putting a mask on your streaming as you position things under it to appear nicely. It can be sum as a source for premium stream overlay

How to use a twitch overlay?

Every streamer wants an outstanding twitch stream with exceptional graphics and overlays that shows great depth of professionalism. To achieve this, you do not require professionals but the following steps;

The first step is to decide on what kind of the image you would wish to add to your stream, maybe a logo that takes part of the screen or standalone image that covers the whole screen as well as surrounding the video game, webcam and other sources. Logos are simple to make since it does not involve working within the constraints of the game you play. It is advisable to save the image in PNG format so that blank spots in the image will be transparent. Overlays surround and enhance the game’s interface and also tailored to specific games. Overlay occupies the whole screen hence must have transparent elements which PNG format so that the video and games can show through. It is also possible to have a screenshot of the game you wish to play for everything to line up smoothly using tools like SteamPro.

The second step, after finishing making the overlay, or the image you wish to superimpose on the twitch stream, you open Open Broadcaster Software and choose the scene you intend to add an image to. You select the image and add it then set the opacity to the level that suits you.

The final step involves Moving, reordering, and resizing the image. You check the preview stream to view how your stream currently appears. It should allow you to view your image as well as other elements you added. There are two possible ways to move and resize the image. First is right clicking image name in the source box then tweak the position or size by fitting it to the screen, center or any place that suits. And the final method is manually by clicking on edit scene and dragging the image from the source box, resize by dragging edges.

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