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Free Animated Twitch Alerts for – Custom CSS

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 by in Free Twitch Panels

Learn how to set up your Free Animated Twitch Alerts for!

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Video for TwitchAlerts system …..►

Overwatch Themed Overlays
Non-animated Free Version …..►
Animated Version …..►

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Hey everyone, I’m going to show you how to set up free custom designed alerts for .
Let’s get right into it.

Alright, so with the recent release of our Overwatch themed overlay – I wanted to make a custom alert design that fits the overall theme. Of course this can work with other stream designs as well, so feel free to use as needed. Also, towards the end of this video I’ll talk about customize the look of the alert a bit.

This tutorial will cover the setup for – but I’ll also be linking another video in the description that will work for TwitchAlerts. So, to start – you can head over to the Nerd or Die store, and you’ll find the the files needed for this notification setup. This will be a pay what you want item, so please feel free to set your price to $0.
Once you checkout, you’ll be presented with download links, and you’ll also be Emailed these links as well. The most important file here is the Custom Alerts file. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can double click it to open it up in your default web browser, or simply just drag it into your browser to open as well.

This file is a basic HTML page that contains the code needed to set up your alerts. You will not need to know anything about HTML or CSS to set up these alerts, you’ll just need to be able to copy and paste.

On the downloaded page you’ll see a couple of things, written instructions on how to set up these alerts, HTML code on the left, CSS code on the right, and some helpful links.


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