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How to Make an AWESOME YouTube Banner By Using JUST MS PAINT!!!

Posted on Jun 23, 2014 by in Free Twitch Offline Banners

How to Make a YouTube Banner For FREE – Using MS Paint! [2014] [HD]


In this video, I will be showing all of you guys how to make a YouTube banner, on the new YouTube layout. Most people don’t know how to use, or simply don’t have Photoshop or any other sophisticated photo editing software. This video is unique because I will be using a software which everyone with windows will have, MS Paint. Please like, and subscribe as well as comment for questions. Feedback will also be appreciated.

Minimum (everything has to fit in this dimension) 1280 x 250
TV (YouTube requires it to be in this dimension) 2120 x 1193

Make sure you have paint. If you are running another operating system that does NOT have paint. Then you can basically use any other photo editing software. Just search on your operating system, and their should be SOME type of photo editing software that relates to Photoshop or paint in some sort of way. Then just follow my steps.

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