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In-Depth: How to setup OBS Studio with overlays and TwitchAlerts

Posted on Mar 24, 2016 by in Free Stream Overlays

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In this video you will learn how to set up OBS Studio with overlays and TwitchAlerts, so you can broadcast to multiple platforms at one time. This video is in direct response to the request made by subscribers to the channel, and co-incides with:

Things you will need:

Mac or PC
OBS Studio –
CLR Browser plugin –
Google Chrome –
Streamlabs –
— Stream Labels application from the streamlabs site
SoundFlower – –

All in one solution for overlays and alerts:

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One thing not mentioned in the video is, when you begin the audio porting section, you will not be able to hear audio coming through your computer. You can tell if the audio is working because you’ll see the levels changing in OBS. If you want it to port and hear it through the speakers/headphones, you’ll need to create a MIDI device. To do that, you need to open the “Audio MIDI Setup” utility on your Mac, the press the plus sign at the bottom left and click “Create Multi-Output Device.” Lastly, make sure there’s a check mark for both the device you want to listen through, and SoundFlower.

Creating the MIDI device is really only relevant for those wanting to use this tutorial for Mac gaming.

For the Audio Porting you can go download the Virtual Audio Cable from the link below to set up your porting. Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’ll need to open your Playback Devices (right click the speaker in the bottom right hand corner), Under the Playback tab, Choose the Virtual Audio cable and make it the default for all your sounds. Next go to the Recording devices tab, right click on the Virtual Audio Cable, and open the properties. Click on the Listen tab, Check the box that shows “Listen to this device”. Now you can choose the device you want to listen to the audio through. NOTE: You’ll need to make sure that the source in OBS for your Audio will need to reflect the Virtual Audio Cable also.

Main Site:

Direct File Download:… (As of 3/27/2016)

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